Workinn connects employees and employers!

The only portal where the employer "books" the employee's time in the application! The employee and the employer mutually confirm the contract with one click – and it's done. You will not print any CV with us! We say goodbye to old-fashioned portals with job advertisements – it's time to end it! Join us and be free, and the employer will find you itself. See below how this works.


Advantages of the application was developed in response to problems in hiring temporary and seasonal employees. We say enough to all the information noise when hiring people. We have developed an application for professionals from the HORECA and MICE industries, because we know that people are the invaluable asset of any company. By logging into you will get a cosmic tool for hiring temporary and seasonal employees. Employees, on the other hand, will get extraordinary, innovative access to freedom. We know! It sounds interesting!

  • Employee availability calendar and team building capabilities
  • Predetermined rates and only professional offers
  • Employee database without intermediaries. You contact the registered employees directly
  • Employee and employer rating system - trusted profiles only
  • Management panel: salary statistics, billing, locations, work history, graphics
  • Speed and efficiency in action, possibility to search for jobs in specific cities and for a specific day
  • Electronic contracts and HR - everything happens automatically
  • Shortening the recruitment processes and verification of the employer's credibility

for employer


Do you need EXPERIENCED employees for an event, conference, company meeting, concert, wedding, communion? Do you want to hire EFFICIENT people for the vacation, festive and holiday season? And you have a problem with that – we know because we have been in the HoReCa business for years. That is why we provide you with a solution – the application, which focuses on experienced employees who do not need to be trained.

obraz All-Poland range

Your published advertisement goes to thousands of employees in specific cities according to a given location

obraz Eco recruitment

You do not waste time sending contracts and documents. You will find everything in the application. Save money and the environment

obraz Decide with whom you want

Choose individually who you want to work with and verify the candidate yourself. From now on, you don't have to worry about who will come to work or whether they will come at all

obraz HR and Accounting

Thanks to billings and registers in the application, you limit the circulation of documents. Your HR and Finance department will receive everything in one email

obraz Schedules and calendar

When looking for suitable candidates, you have a preview of their availability in the calendar and readiness to start work

obraz Statistics and fees

Advertisements from are always free. You have full access to statistics in different categories

obraz Hire in 3 steps

Stop the long recruitment process – add an advertisement, accept the employee and start cooperation. Without intermediaries, it couldn't be easier

obraz Success Fee

You only pay for the employees hired within the No risk

How this works?

It couldn't be easier! You add an advertisement that goes to people interested in temporary and seasonal work. You view their profiles and applications, hire them with one click, and after completing the work, you bill and rate.

  • Sign up,

    enter the company details required to conclude the contract/billing and complete the employer profile

  • Add advertisement

    in the calendar, customise the rate, define the number of people you want, position, dates, city. Remember that you can immediately send a poke to the candidate you like

  • Choose

    the best candidates from among those applying for your advertisement or contact them first

  • Conclude a contract

    with selected employees and download the necessary documents in the application with one click

  • Bill

    the employees after the work and confirm the number of the worked hours. You can download a summary of your expenses in the application

  • Rate

    the employee and add to your favourites to establish cooperation in the future!

For employee


Lorem ipsumYou have experience but are not currently interested in a full-time job? You don't want to work with random companies? You want to be sure that you will get the promised salary for your work? Choose verified employers, flexibly create a schedule and adapt it to your lifestyle. Work when you can and when you want.

obraz Freedom where you want

Work where and when you want, offers from all over Poland are waiting for you.

obraz Flexibility when you want

Manage your working time by adding availability in your calendar and get noticed by employers!

obraz Freedom with whom you want

Choose the employer that best suits your expectations.

obraz Salary how much you want

Decide yourself what rate is right for you and what you will work for.

obraz We play fair

In the application WorkInn you will find a job without agencies and intermediaries.

obraz Legality of work

You always work legally under a contract of mandate with verified employers.

obraz Contract 3 steps

After the employer accepts your candidacy, you will automatically generate a contract of mandate.

obraz Security of payment

You receive a contractually agreed salary for your work.

How this works?

It couldn't be easier! You register, enter your qualifications and experience. You declare when you can work. You find suitable offers and sign the contract in no time. That's all – work will be waiting for you.

  • Sign up

    by entering the personal data required to conclude a contract and by completing your employee profile.

  • Add availability

    complete the date, time and location of your availability to work

  • Apply

    for the advertisement that suits you or let yourself be found in matching offers.

  • Conclude a contract

    with selected employer and download the necessary documents in the application

  • Bill

    after the work is completed and confirm the number of hours with the employer

  • Rate

    the employer and add to your favourites to establish cooperation in the future!

About us

HoReCa Service is a service provider for event agencies, hotels, restaurants and catering companies. We have many years of experience and work with the largest companies in the HoReCa and MICE industries. So we also know the problems that they may face. The most important ones include high rotation of employees and difficulties in recruiting them. This is particularly noticeable in the case of temporary and seasonal employees, hired on a task basis, when organising events, congresses, weddings, concerts, etc. The possibility of quick employment of qualified employees is therefore of great value for employers. Employees looking for additional employment and casual work are also not in a favourable situation. This is because there are no tools and mechanisms that enable an efficient search for such jobs, combined at the same time with a rating of the employer's credibility. Thus, we're launching, the application which is designed to solve the problems of employees and employers we have been observing for years.


Our objectives

An experienced employee and a trusted employer are two points we can connect through the Each of them wants to be sure that the other party will be honest, fulfill their obligations, and ensure stress-free control over working time. This is what we are for. To simplify procedures, meet needs, and automate the labour market.


We connect employees and employers by offering freedom of action.


Application based on transparent business principles.

Social responsibility

We respect human rights, protect the environment and apply fair market practices.


We save time, we speed up recruitment processes, we act effectively



Are you looking for a job or an employee? We provide you with a solution that will make your search fast, effective and in line with your expectations. Break with traditional methods, which you have not been satisfied with for a long time. Meet the world of modern solutions offered by It only takes a few minutes to change your situation on the labour market.


Who are we working with?

Job offers in the application are posted by small, medium and large companies from the HoReCa and MICE industries. Each of them values and needs temporary and seasonal employees. They know very well how much they can benefit from hiring people when they are needed most. Employees, on the other hand, value the freedom to work on their own terms – when and where they want. Their experience meets the needs of employers and they are all connected by

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Do you want to learn more? We have prepared answers to the most frequently asked questions.

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